Our Company

For over 19 years, our company is designing, manufacturing, and selling products all over the world. Our main focus and expertise are play equipment and small architectural forms, with a goal of full-body development of children, toddlers, and babies. We care about children's health!

Since 1999, our mission is to design and manufacture children's play and sports equipment. Combined with a vast experience, advanced production technology, quality materials, and highly skilled staff, we are able to produce high-quality, modern design kids play equipment for small and large areas.

Our main products - a domestic children's sports complexes (DSC), playground equipment for children's playgrounds, playgrounds in child care centers, sports and playgrounds for schools, multi-level maze, soft playgrounds are protected by many patents and are known for high reliability and safety.

Wallbarz home wall units and monkey bars are designed for children of all ages and skill levels to increase activity, health, creativity, improve early development, and lay the groundwork for future success.

Customers all over the world are becoming increasingly quality and environmentally conscious. For many years, we have been certified according to ISO 9001:2008 (Quality management system).

Combined with exceptional customer service and 100% positive customer feedback you can be confident about any Wallbarz unit you are planning to purchase.